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This community is for anyone with an interest in furries and Ohio, for conventions, for get-togethers, and for any other thing that its members want to post about. Do remember that minors may be reading. If you want to post pictures, use of the <lj-cut> tag for large or multiple images is appreciated.

The OhioFur website and mailing list are separate entities from this community, and are maintained by a different person. If you'd like to know more about either of them, follow this link to the OhioFur mailing list page. Posts are not copied between LJ and the mailing list, so if you need your message to get to both groups, you'll have to post to both.

If you happen to live in or near northeast Ohio, you might also be interested in the NEOfurs mailing list. There is also a neofurs LJ community.

One more mailing list which may be of interest is the Morphicon mailing list, for our local furry con, Morphicon. There's an unofficial LJ community at ohiomorphicon.

For more furry LJ communities, see this WikiFur link - the list is rather extensive, and still growing!

Note that deleted journals will periodically be removed from the membership. If you delete your journal, then later change your mind and undelete it, you may find yourself no longer a member of this community. You will then need to rejoin if you wish to make posts here. (Non-members can still comment. Don't abuse this, or it will be restricted.)

If you have a complaint or a suggestion for this community, you're welcome to post here so we can discuss it as a group, or you can bring it up directly with your friendly moderator; however, any final decision belongs to the mod.
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